Our Team

Veronika Tsyrkina


Vitaly Polosukhin


Rodion Polosukhin


We love what we do

Our small family-owned handmade leather workshop is a business specializing in creating high-quality leather goods using traditional techniques and tools. Our workshop is managed by a family passionate about crafting unique and durable leather items. We have been operating since 1989.

Our main products are leather wallets and belts, crafted from high-quality legendary vegetable-tanned leather produced in Italy. This leather allows us to create stylish and durable items. All our products are handmade, with special attention given to hand dyeing. It's a long and complex process, but it allows us to create truly unique pieces. We create all patterns ourselves, which makes our products well-thought-out and convenient.

We make stuff for people who appreciate quality. People who won't settle for a mediocre product and who want to stand out in a world of disposable fashion and mass-production.

Our working process

Our handmade leather workshop is a space dedicated to creating high-quality unique leather goods by experienced craftsmen.

As leather goods manufacturers, we strive to create items that meet the unique needs and preferences of our customers. If you need a belt or wallet of a specific size, color, and personalization, we can help you create a product that fits you perfectly.

You can always reach out to us with your preferences, and we will fulfill them, after discussing all the important details.

The process of making handmade items is quite lengthy, especially if changes need to be made to an existing model. However, despite this, your order will be completed in no more than three working days.

We love our creative work and hope that we can convey a piece of our warmth to you through our products!


About our online store

Our online store is a website where you can get full information about the products that interest you. We put immense effort into providing accurate details about the features of our products. This includes high-quality photos, infographics, and descriptions. We also place great importance on creating videos dedicated to both product reviews and the manufacturing process.

Each item is crafted individually. On our website, we've created options to choose size and color. If that's not sufficient, we are happy to discuss all preferences via email at

We also offer complimentary personalization. You can provide your initials in the comments when placing an order.

The production time for order is no more than 5 working days.

Our workshop is located in Europe, and we ship orders via mail. We are pleased to offer free worldwide shipping.

We hope that our website will be convenient for making the right choice and placing an order. We are always ready and happy to answer your questions.

Veronica, Rodion, and Vitaliy